Director’s Note


Director, EIS

The immense responsibility of shaping the academic and developmental journey of children at EIS can only be considered a divine assignment. Beyond the call of duty and need to uphold the right of education for every child at EIS is the appreciation that influencing the future of children into becoming responsible citizens remains a great privilege. This explains why achieving “excellent education, wholesome character” for every child at EIS remains my top priority.
However, to effectively meet our diverse commitments to children at EIS, the school leadership employs leadership development, foresight, and team approaches. I’m therefore privileged to work with a vibrant student leadership team; highly qualified, passionate, committed, and dedicated staff; a solid School Board; and a supportive Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF). The well-being of children at EIS remains the common denominator to all these parties.
My staff team and I are not only committed but devoted to the academic excellence, character development, spiritual nurture, and physical well-being of children. My team and I love and care for every child at EIS. Your child is therefore safe at EIS where education is not only about preparation for life, but life itself. This is the kind of education we endeavor to give to every child at EIS. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this great family! Blessings.

“Excellent Education, Wholesome Character”