Current Situation

EIS has the relevant learning facilities, highly qualified and experience teaching and leadership personnel, solid governance structure, and excellent learning environment, all of which ensure that students are adequately supported to excellent in their academics and develop wholesome character. This notwithstanding, the school governance/leadership is investing toward an excellent structural and techno-savvy school facility. With two international curricula in high school in academic choice as they prepare for their college and university education, locally and internationally. Besides, the ACE program offers alternative exit routes for high school students, including high school diploma.

Under its extracurricular program, the school offers both sporting and club activities. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton , skating and swimming are among others the sporting activities offered. Additionally, the school offers students opportunities to join and participate in at least a club – Drama, Music, Chess and checkers, English, Art and the Environmental club. To ensure students’ interest in sports is nurtured, the school engages in interschool competitions with other like-minded schools.

“Excellent Education, Wholesome Character”